Under Maintenance

The councillor case work portal has now been replaced with the councillorcasework@milton-keynes.gov.uk email process.

Please send your case work to councillorcasework@milton-keynes.gov.uk information will be triaged and replied to within 5 working days if we can not get a full response to you within 5 working days because of the complex nature of the enquiry, we will contact you within 5 working days and confirm when you can expect a response.

If you are reporting an emergency or safeguarding issue please phone through to the appropriate team so that they can take urgent action.

Highways including flooding emergencies Office hours - 01908 252353  

Highways including flooding emergencies Out of hours - 01908 226699  

Safeguarding adults Office hours - 01908 253772

Safeguarding adults Out of hours - 01908 725005

Safeguarding Children Office hours - 01908 253169/70  

Safeguarding Children Out of hours - 01908 265545